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Should I Go Raw?

This debate can get to a level like that of religion and politics, so I will tread carefully! Let me share my personal experiences with raw diets. I fed my dog raw meats at the suggestion of Dr. Becker when I took my German Shepherd to see her in 2009. It did not solve his rare neurological issue, but he clearly loved it much more than the very expensive Solid Gold dehydrated kibble that I was feeding him before that and at 9 years old his coat was still shinny and soft. He also never got sick from eating raw food, nor did I get sick from handling it because I washed my hands. Yes, it was much more expensive and I couldn’t afford to feed him just raw, so I fed him a mix of kibble and raw. Also, keep in mind that there are in-between options that Dr. Becker covers in this first video. The decision doesn’t need to be gross smelling, species inappropriate kibble with rendered meat or really expensive raw meat. There are homemade recipe books, canned foods and dehydrated foods that fill that in-between space. Here are some of my favorite videos that can help you make an informed decision.

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