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K9 Playtime Details

K9 Playtime is a FREE service that helps you find playmates for your dog! Find your dog's perfect match or several if he's a social butterfly! You can search by play style, location, dog size, play history and more.

Just like people, dogs can be selective when choosing playmates. K9 Playtime helps you find the perfect playmates for your dog or puppy.

Lack of exercise and socialization are at the root of behavioral problems like chewing, jumping, destruction, barking and lunging and pulling on leash.

Dog parks aren't for all dogs or all dog owners. Many dogs and their owners feel overwhelmed by meeting so many dogs at once.

Some dogs will only play with dogs that are smaller than they are.

Find dogs with similar play styles.

You can set-up one-on-one or group playdates.

Similar to a dating website, you decide who your dog will meet and where.

Find puppies near you!

Need more help with socialization?

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