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    Book a Training Session

    Training is beneficial for you and your dog for many reasons, and its importance cannot be understated.

    Pulling on leash, nipping, digging, chewing, etc.

    Promotes well behaved social interaction among people and other dogs

    Reduces the likelihood of your dog developing problem behaviors

    Teaches your dog how to deal with frustration and delay gratification

    Training helps your dog understand what is acceptable behavior and what is not

    Provides a familiar framework of learning that will help your dog learn new skills

    If you have a dog that has already learned the behaviors you don’t like, we can still help you with positive reinforcement behavioral modification.

    Book a Walk … Your Dog says He’s Interested

    Why you should book Dog Life Pro to walk your dog:

    When we walk your dog we have an agenda

    Book a Stay – Your Dog Will Love You For It!

    If you’re planning a getaway, consider leaving your dog with us instead of sending her to a kennel. For what you’d pay to keep your dog in a crate at a kennel or a vet, you can leave him at our home, where he’ll spend most, if not all of his stay outside of a crate.

    My wife and I both work from home and one of us is almost always home to provide love and care. In the warmer months we will sit outside with them for hours. We have a 6 foot tall fenced backyard with shade, a deck, a pool, and a small agility course!

    House trained dogs will be able to follow us everywhere in our 3100 sq. foot newly renovated home.

    Including our daycare dogs, we will only have a maximum of six dogs here so space fills up quickly, especially around holidays. Since a meet and greet is required for all new pups please contact us as far in advance as possible.

    Book Daycare…And Come Home to a Tired and Happy Dog

    Most of us love the idea of taking our dog to the dog park for socialization, but the dog park can be overwhelming for some dogs…and some owners. There’s also an inherent risk of disease and fights. Much of the same holds true for daycare facilities.

    At Dog Life Pro we carefully match up dogs of similar disposition and play styles and our maximum number of dogs at any one time is six, so under-supervised care is not a problem like at most daycare facilities

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