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Should I Go Grain Free?

As if there wasn’t already enough confusion about which diet is best for your dog, a new study released by the University of California Davis suggests there may be a correlation between some grain-free or legume rich dog diets and a nutritional deficiency causing heart disease. I have included a link to the article, which has a link to the actual study. Does this mean you shouldn’t give your dog a grain-free diet? I don’t have the answer. It doesn’t seem that science does either. Even within our human diets, what is considered good for us seems to change every few years, with some more obvious exceptions, like diets rich in sugar and highly processed and refined foods. Personally, I believe there is a lot of benefit from eating different foods in moderation. As it pertains to dog food, perhaps continually varying your dog’s food is the simple answer. After all, who among us would like to eat the same thing for breakfast and dinner every day for the rest of their lives? Keep in mind though that changing your dog’s food suddenly may cause an upset stomach and loose stool. Your dog’s food should be changed over gradually, mixing the new food in with the old for a few days and gradually increasing the proportion of new food.

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