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If you’re planning a getaway, consider leaving your dog with us instead of sending her to a kennel. For what you’d pay to keep your dog in a crate at a kennel or a vet, you can leave him at our home, where he only goes into a crate if he wants one.

My wife and I both work from home and one of us is almost always home to provide love and care. In the warmer months we spend our days outside as much as possible. We have a 6 foot tall fenced backyard with shade, a deck, and a kiddie pool.

Indoors, we have plenty of dog beds, toys, treats and games. Your dog will be able to follow us everywhere in our 3100 sq. foot newly renovated home, except for the master bed, which my wife is slowly giving up on!

Including our daycare dogs, we will only have a maximum of six dogs here so space fills up quickly, especially around holidays. Since a meet and greet is required for all new pups please contact us as far in advance as possible.

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