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What’s in My Dog’s Food?

This subject can quickly head down the path of debating raw vs. non-raw, grain vs. meat and much more. I’m not going to take a position here, but encourage you to educate yourself and do what you think is best for you and your dog. What we hear from the scientific community is often coming from industry or scientist bought by industry. So, let me just make this one statement, know your source. Are they actually a scientist? Do they provide sources for their statements or reference scientific research by renowned research institutions? Dr. Karen Becker is a holistic wellness advisor and doctor of veterinary medicine. She has a long list of credentials and associations. She regularly publishes educational information and cites all her accredited sources. In general I find that what she says makes sense and I encourage you to watch her videos about dog food. One comment to add, in this first video Dr. Becker says you will never find the foods she recommends in big box pet stores like Petco and PetSmart. I believe this may have changed since this video was made in 2012. Additionally, there are boutique pets stores now in many cities and of course you can likely find them on Amazon as well.

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