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Welcome to Our New Website!

July 28, 2022

Welcome to the new Dog Life Pro website!  All of our services and rates are listed in the Services Menu tab as they were before, but we now have a few new options I’d like to bring to your attention:

Knowledge base – you can find answers to your questions about dogs. This section will likely never stop growing.






  • Gallery – Pics of all the dogs we’ve cared for. This section will keep growing too!
  • Products – I’ve been excited about the prospect of finding the best dog products so I can recommend them to my clients. I’ve got a few products I love, but I’ll need some time to figure out how to import them to my site.
  • K9 Playtime – The K9 PT database is the section I’m most excited about. So many of the behavioral issues my clients need help with, stem from a dog that missed it’s critical socialization period at 8 – 16 weeks of age. The problem has always existed, but has become worse since the pandemic. The K9 PT DB will allow you to find dogs of similar size, age and play style near you! I’ve been doing this manually for a few years, but this allows anyone to find their dog’s perfect playmate nearby! Best of all it’s FREE!
  • Lastly, the Blog page itself will allow me to reach more people and drive traffic to my site instead of Facebook.

I hope you find our site helpful. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.



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