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Purebred vs. Mixed Breeds

I used to think a purebred dog was the way to go, but there is no evidence that going this route will make you happier, or that the dog will be smarter or healthier. Also, keep in mind that there are millions of dogs (usually of a mixed breed) being euthanized at shelters, approximately 400,000/year. If you still want a certain breed look into rescue shelters that focus on specific breeds first. It will be much cheaper and you will be saving a dog’s life.

If you think you need to adopt a certain breed because of it’s specific characteristics, keep in mind that each dog is an individual and they display different characteristics and temperaments even within the same breed. Also good to know, some of the most popular breeds like German Shepherds and Huskies are classified as herding or working dogs by the AKC. Think, endless amounts of energy! Know the history of the breed you’re considering.

I encourage all prospective dog owners to hire a trainer or behaviorist to help them select a dog with a temperament that matches their family and lifestyle. If you choose wisely up front, you will likely have less problems and frustration down the road. You can find certified trainers and behaviorists at

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