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My name is test 1dog

I’m Being Cared for by


Adoption Process

  • 1. Submit Application
  • 2. Interview
  • 3. Home Check

Anxieties your dog may have : Yes

test 1dog is not vaccinated : Leptospirosis , Parainfluenza , Parvovirus , Bordetella

Positive in Fecal Exam

Facts About test 1dog

Breed Dog's breed Weight 26 - 40
Color red Sex Male
Date of birth 10/02/2022 Height 21 - 27"
Dogs Play Experience Has never played with another dog. Your dog's play style Wrestle ,Hangout ,
How many hours can your dog play All day Like to play in water No
Vaccination records Distemper ,Hepatitis , Neutered/Spayed Yes
Guarding behavior No Do you crate your dog at night? Yes
What does your dog like? Dog's breed * What does your dog dislike? Dog's breed *

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