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My name is Astrid and Seven

I’m Being Cared for by


Adoption Process

  • 1. Submit Application
  • 2. Interview
  • 3. Home Check

Anxieties your dog may have : Yes

Has your dog ever bitten another person? : Yes

Has your dog ever bitten another dog? : Yes

Has your dog ever tried to run away? : Yes

Does your dog show guarding behavior over toys or food? : Yes

Astrid and Seven is not vaccinated : Hepatitis , Leptospirosis , Parainfluenza

Facts About Astrid and Seven

Breed Husky Weight 41 - 60
Color Black and White (Astrid) / Red (Seven) Sex Female
Date of birth 02/01/2013 Height 21 - 27"
Dogs Play Experience Plays with different dogs all the time. Your dog's play style Chase ,Wrestle ,Hangout ,Explore ,
How many hours can your dog play 3 -4 hrs. Like to play in water Yes
Vaccination records Distemper ,Parvovirus ,Bordetella ,Negative fecal exam , Neutered/Spayed Yes
Guarding behavior Yes Do you crate your dog at night? No
What does your dog like? They both love walks and treats! Seven like cuddles and pets more than Astrid. Chasing cats and other small animals. What does your dog dislike? Being told what to do.

Astrid DOB Feb. 2013
Seven DOB late 2017 or early 2018

Seven has nipped at people, but never broken skin. She will nip if you try to grab her by the collar to lead her where she doesn’t want to go. Usually happens if she won’t come inside and I try to bring her in. Better to put her on leash to make her move, or shake a bag of treats and she’ll come running. She’s never bitten another dog.

Astrid has bitten Seven. They got in a fight in late 2018 where Seven had to have stitches. They’ve been manageable since. Sometimes Astrid will start a fight if Seven has a high value treat. There are usually warning signs — Astrid will bear her teeth. You probably have nothing to worry about when picking them up and walking. Astrid is very possessive over me. Astrid has never bitten a person or a dog other than Seven.

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