Training For Your Dog

Training is beneficial to you and your dog for many reasons and its importance cannot be understated. The sooner you begin training your dog the better. Eight to 16 weeks is when your puppy can learn the quickest and you can really embed the lessons you teach him/her for life. The longer you wait to train your dog the harder it becomes. Not because you can't train an old dog to do new tricks, but because just like humans the longer an unwanted behavior persists, the harder it becomes to change. So don't delay and get started today!

In puppy training, your dog will learn to:

  • Wait for you to walk through the doorway, instead of stepping on your feet and bruising your knee as it charges by
  • Come to you when you call
  • Not jump up on you or your guests
  • Not pull you down the sidewalk when on leash
  • Not bark at you in frustration for what it wants
  • Not eat everything it finds on the ground
  • Not bark and lunge at other people and dogs

Where so many puppy classes are focused on sit, down and stay, I take a very different and unique approach to puppy training. After all, why exactly do you want your dog to sit? I still cover basics like sit, but the greater focus is on communication and teaching them what I call real life obedience.

Real life obedience helps your dog understand what is acceptable behavior, and teaches your dog how to deal with frustration and control their impulses. This promotes well behaved social interaction, and reduces the likelihood of problem behaviors developing down the road.

Need help with your adult dog?

If you missed puppy training or your dog still developed a few unwanted behaviors such as jumping, barking, digging, biting, pulling on leash, and a weak recall (“come”) it's not too late! All of these behaviors can be easily modified with a little knowledge and consistency. Just don't wait - the longer you wait the stronger these unwanted behaviors will become!

We are here for you!

Whether it be basic obedience or behavior modification you need help with, we’re here for you and ready to help with training and guidance. Contact us today to get started! Owning a dog should be a wonderful experience!

Dog Life Pro Tip:

Did you know that just turning your back to your dog and calling him is more likely to result in a successful recall than if you faced him when calling? Your dog wants to go in the direction that your feet are pointing!