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My name is Sammy LoPresti

I’m Being Cared for by


Adoption Process

  • 1. Submit Application
  • 2. Interview
  • 3. Home Check

Anxieties your dog may have : Yes

Has your dog ever tried to run away? : Yes

Does your dog show guarding behavior over toys or food? : Yes

Sammy LoPresti is not vaccinated :

Facts About Sammy LoPresti

Breed Golden Doodle Weight 41 - 60
Color Yellow Sex Male
Date of birth 06/24/2022 Height 5 - 8"
Dogs Play Experience Has played with a small number of dogs that he knows. Your dog's play style Chase ,Wrestle ,
How many hours can your dog play All day Like to play in water Yes
Vaccination records Distemper ,Hepatitis ,Leptospirosis ,Parainfluenza ,Parvovirus ,Bordetella ,Negative fecal exam , Neutered/Spayed Yes
Guarding behavior Yes Do you crate your dog at night? Yes
What does your dog like? He likes to play but no toys please as he will eat them. He needs supervision with toys as he is a puppy and tends to eat everything in his path. He loves going for walks and he loves peanut butter. He loves playing with kids. What does your dog dislike? humm not sure but he gets sad when on crate during the day.

High level of supervision when with toys.

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