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If you’re planning a longer getaway, or your dog doesn’t do well at home alone, consider our overnight stay option. For what you’d pay to keep your dog in a crate at a kennel or a vet, you can leave him at our home, where he’ll spend most of his day outside of a crate. My wife and I both work from home and one of us is almost always home to provide love and care. In the warmer months we will sit outside with them for hours. We have a 6 foot tall fenced backyard that’s cemented under its perimeter to stop escape artists! We have a deck, a pool, and a small agility course!

Boarding and stay requests require a meet and greet if your dog hasn't stayed with us before. I will also need a 14 day advance notice for new clients so that we have time to schedule the meet and greet at a time convenient for both of us. If your dog has already stayed with us, I just ask for a one week notice.

If you need care sooner than a week, please call me (630-768-9220) and I'll do my best to accommodate you. You can reach me at the same number to set-up a meet and greet.

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